a woman stands in front of a tree surrounded by animals in a small circle at the bottom of the otherwise black cover

An Illuminated Guide to Wicca: A Complete Visual Manual

by Helena Domenic-Wills Author

The world of Wicca is big and exciting, and this visual guide is a great introduction to it. With lavish illustrations and instructions for enchantments, spells, rituals, and more, An Illuminated Guide to Wicca will set you off on your magical journey. Explaining Wiccan tenets of belief as well as Wiccan history, this volume isn't just a magic book. It also offers readers the opportunity to attune their lives with the ancient practices and beliefs that accompany the Wiccan tradition. Author and illustrator Helena Domenic-Wills instructs and enlightens the reader, and the illustrations complement each magical lesson. An excellent starting point for would-be Wiccans.