photos of the six women who led M19 arranged on either side of the cover

Tonight We Bombed the U.S. Capitol: The Explosive Story of M19, America's First Female Terrorist Group

by William Rosenau Author

In this incredible and shocking true story, author William Rosenau explores the history of M19, or The May 19th Communist Organization, a female-led revolutionary group named for the birthday of Malcom X and Ho Chi Minh. At the same time that Ronald Reagan was beginning his presidency, announcing that 'it's morning in America,' and beginning to implement his racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialistic, and capitalistic vision for the country, M19 set out to enact a very different vision for America. Through prison breakouts, robberies, and a bombing campaign against the U.S. Capitol, M19 made a name for themselves as domestic terrorists, fighting against racism, sexism, imperialism, and the military industrial complex. Though there have been other domestic terrorist organizations in American history (and in our American present), M19 is unique for its female leadership. Through declassified FBI documents and original photos, William Rosenau documents the history of this extremist group, and offers a context for understanding American extremism in its current form.

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