a fox darts through the ampersand in the title.

Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship

by Catherine Raven Author

In this beautiful story of loneliness and friendship, author Catherine Raven recounts the story of her life shortly after finishing her PhD, when she built a cabin in rural Montana and lived there while applying for jobs. Teaching remotely and leading field classes in Yellowstone, Raven spent long hours alone in the cabin, both physically and emotionally isolated from the bustling world of humanity. But to Raven's surprise she would soon make a new friend: a mangy little fox would come into her yard every day around 4:15pm. She would bring a chair out into her yard and read The Little Prince to the fox, and soon they got to know each other in the way that humans and animals sometimes do. A moving reflection on isolation, friendship, and loss, Fox and I brings you to rural Montana and into this utterly unique dynamic, and prompts you to consider your own sense of connection to the natural world.