a single eye in the middle of the cover radiates lines and stars out from itself.

Instant Magic Oracle: Guidance to All of Life's Questions from Your Higher Self

by Semra Haksever Author

Feeling lost and in need of guidance? This book will provide you with the ability to seek answers from your higher self. It works in three simple steps. First, hold the book in your non-dominant hand, and knock it three times with your dominant hand. Then hold the book with both hands, relax, close your eyes and think of your question. Finally, turn the book three times clockwise, and when it feels right, open the book. Whatever page you land on holds your answer. Maybe you'll need to call a friend, set an intention, cast a spell, or simply hear the affirmation the oracle is offering to you. Complete with beautiful illustrations, and lots of spells, affirmations, and friendly advice, this oracle can help guide you or your friends through the difficulties you face.