a silhouette of sherlock holmes against buildings from the london skyline (big ben and the eye)

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

by Maria Konnikova Author

In this fascinating book, follow author Maria Konnikova as she dives into the psychology of one of literature's most celebrated savants and teaches us how to begin harnessing our own powers of observation and deduction. Using Holmes' notion of a 'brain attic' as a metaphor for how we store information, Konnikova teaches us how to upgrade our own powers of memory and logic, and uses contemporary advances in neuroscience and psychology to explain the mechanics behind Holmes' remarkable abilities. With a little practice and some self-awareness we can increase our powers of perception and investigation. An interesting and powerful book to boost your thinking for Holmes fans and casual readers alike.

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)