Watercolors, brushes, and other DIY crafty stuff.

Paint, Make, Create: Learn How to Mix Painting with Other Crafts to Create 20 Fun Seasonal Projects

by Becki Clark Author

Get crafty! Paint, Make, Create includes a bevy of multi-craft projects connected by painting. Whether you're a beginner or the second coming of Van Gogh, you'll love this score of activities includes working with clay, collaging, printing, embroidery, and sewing. You'll learn ho to mix your own colors, how to create a nice overall palette, and most of all you'll learn how to have the confidence to create Art. Whether you're decorating for the holidays or creating gifts for loved ones, it's always better when it's handmade.


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I'm a bit biased as I wrote a book review for the next issue, but I wouldn't have done it if I didn't like the magazine, so there! Here are a few things that might sum up Worn for you:

* The scarce ads are for things like street style blogs or vintage stores.
* Articles include topics like toddler gender binary when it comes to pink for little girls and blue for little boys, the history of the Keffiyeh before it became a hipster fixture, how beauty aesthetics were redefined during WWII, interviews with the curators of various fashion museums, and more. * The pieces about the histories of different types of things like shoes or collars are very educational. It seems like the kind of thing you just know but I like having it laid out for me all neat and simple and more to-the-point than googling "history of clogs." * The fashion editorials contain no seasonal clothes, and range from independent designers to Vivienne Westwood to thrift. One was inspired by Nancy Drew, another opened with a Velvet Underground quote.