gaelic pattern across the top and botom of cover and the title

Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

by Lady Wilde Author and Stephen Reid Illustrator

First published in 1887, Lady Wilde's collection of stories, myths, and legends from across the island of Ireland was written and published with the intent to preserve Irish culture for posterity. Lady Wilde, mother to Oscar Wilde, carefully curated this collection of peasant superstitions and tales of mystical occurrences in the Irish countryside. Whether it was stories of fairies stealing children, leprechauns and their fabled pots of gold, or strange stories about the isles of the western coast of the island, these stories carry you back in time to a different Ireland, full of Gaelic wonderment and history. Also included in this volume is a chapter on the ancient peoples of Ireland written by her husband Sir William Wilde, and beautiful illustrations done by Stephen Reid.