a boy wearing pants with a pink shadow wearing a skirt

My Shadow is Pink

by Scott Stuart Author

When Scott Stuart's son wanted to dress up as Elsa to see Frozen 2, Scott dressed up as Elsa as well to bolster his son's confidence and challenge toxic gender norms. After their story went viral, Stuart put together this book to continue challenging those harmful norms and encourage kids everywhere to be their truest selves. The main character in the book likes princesses, fairies, and things that are "not for boys." Using the metaphor of 'shadows' as a stand in for gender identity, Stuart creates a story where the main character feels welcome to share that shadow with their peers in part through the support of their father. A beautiful metaphor and a beautiful book, My Shadow is Pink is an excellent way to introduce children to the concept of gender identity and teach them to be open to others who do not fit within the traditional binary or whose identity doesn't match their assigned sex at birth.