various plants in different vibrant colors, as though looking at them through multi-colored lenses


by Rachel Williams Author and Carnovsky Illustrator

In this incredible book, you'll find a magic pair of glasses with three different lenses that, when worn, enhance every single page of the book into a feast of color and information. Dive into some of the most biodiverse settings on the planet, and without even turning the page, see each image in a new light. With one lens, discover the creatures of the night as they go about their nocturnal business. Flip the lens to bring daytime to the image, where you'll discover diurnal creatures soaking up the heat of the sun. Finally, with the third lens, take a closer look at the plant life in these environments that sustain and feed both nocturnal and diurnal creatures. The latest book in a series of magical lens books from Carnovsky, the Milan-based design duo, Illuminature is a visually stunning book to be enjoyed by all ages.