the seattle skyline with the space needle turned sideways against a green background

Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle

by Daubi Abe Author

The first book of Seattle hip hop history, and the first book looking at hip hop's role in Seattle's history, Emerald Street chronicles the development of this new musical style from its beginnings in the 80s up through the present. Seattle hip-hop culture goes beyond art and music, influencing politics, the relationships between communities of color and law enforcement, the changing media scene, and youth outreach and educational programs. With insight into how hip hop brought about changes to urban culture more broadly, including phenomena like grafitti and breaking, and histories of specific hip hop stars, from Sir Mix-a-Lot to Macklemore, this book is a must read for any hip hop fan and any denizen of the Northwest looking to learn more about the development of music in its biggest city.