An astrological chart against an illustration of the night sky.

Write Your Own Horoscope: Follow the Stars, Design Your Destiny

by Jane Struthers Author

This book won't just tell you your future, nor will it state your destiny. Instead, this beautifully illustrated guide will teach you how to interpret the stars so you can see what lies ahead for yourself. Go from beginner astrologer to expert with the tools that this guide unveils for you, beginning with how to decipher your birth chart, then learn how the heavens influence the way you behave, your love life, finances and career, your friendships, and your soul and destiny, and finally unlock the secrets to interpreting and creating your future based on what the stars and planets spell out for you. No more will you have to rely on other peoples' expertise, this beautiful book will show you how you can become the expert yourself and take control of your life through the powers of astrology.