a snow covered peak with the title superimposed, as well as two cave pictograms

Legends of the North Cascades

by Jonathan Evison Author

In this new novel from author Jonathan Evison, a father and a daughter retreat into the North Cascades to live in a cave in the aftermath of tragedy. Dave Cartwright has been struggling with PTSD after his third tour in Iraq, and his affection for his 7-year-old daughter Bella is the only thing keeping him going most of the time. When something terrible happens, Dave decides that he and Bella will retreat into a cave in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. But this new life, though free from some of the difficulties of the frontcountry, poses new challenges. Bella is haunted by visions of a mother and son who lived in the cave a thousand years before, at the end of the last ice age, and back in town Dave and Bella are becoming legends to everyone but the people who would force them to return if they could. A poignant exploration of the perils of isolation and the necessity of human connection.