an illustration of two girls jumping into a lake from the top of the cover

This One Summer

by Jillian Tamaki Illustrator and Mariko Tamaki Author

Every summer, Rose goes with her family to their lake house at Awago Beach, and every summer Rose looks forward to it. The lake house is a getaway, a place that's just for her and her family. And Rose's friend Windy, of course. Windy also spends summers at Awago Beach, and for the longest time, Rose and Windy would go on adventures and spend every summer together. But this summer is different, and not in a good way. Rose's parents are fighting all the time, and when Rose and Windy meet some of the local teens, they get pulled into a whirlpool of trouble, way over their head. A powerful young adult graphic novel, This One Summer tells a compelling story in an illustrated format while retaining serious literary ambition.