a monkey in a space, a human in a space suit, a watch, a space shuttle, a planet

Space Oddities: Forgotten Stories of Mankind's Exploration of Space

by Joe Cuhaj Author

We've been fascinated by the heavens for the entirety of our known history as a species. Ancient petroglyphs show that even our earliest progenitors depicted the stars in their artwork, and as technology has developed we've only grown more engrossed by the infinity of space. In this book, armchair astronauts and space explorers will encounter stories from the annals of space exploration and study, from probes, to satellites, to Sputnik, to space pens, and more. Author Joe Cuhaj leaves no aspect of our astronomical history unexplored, even investigating the politics of space programs in the U.S. and Soviet Union. For those who find the endless night sky and our attempts to understand it intriguing, Space Oddities is sure to be a page-turning read.