an illustated squid upside down

Kraken: The Curious, Exciting, and Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid

by Wendy Williams Author

The ocean is vast, and still a great mystery to us. As much as eighty percent of it remains unexplored by humans, and so it continues to fascinate and enthrall us, even as its enormity terrifies us. Perhaps no creature more neatly encapsulates our fascination with the ocean than the squid. Charismatic, enigmatic, and monstrous in its appearance, these cephalopods range in size from the minuscule to the massive. In this thrilling book, author Wendy Williams explores the space that the squid occupies in the human imagination, blending science with narrative to produce a book that is as educational as it is entertaining. With insights into the meaning of intelligence and the mystery of the ocean, Kraken will fascinate science, ocean, and wildlife enthusiasts alike.