psychedelic patterns around the edges of the cover and a toltec insignia at the top

The Dreaming Circus: Special Ops, LSD, and My Unlikely Path to Toltec Wisdom

by Jim Morris Author

The Dreaming Circus tells the story of author Jim Morris' long, strange trip from Green Beret in Vietnam to the world of psychedelia, Toltec spiritual wisdom, and ultimately to his wife's lengthy end-of-life journey. The trajectory of Morris' life intersects numerous pivotal and memorable moments in American history: returning from Vietnam bitter and angry, Morris discovered psychedelics after reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and learning that many of the Merry Pranksters were also combat veterans. Through his transcendent experiences on acid, Morris found his way the works of Carlos Castaneda, studied Kriya yoga, and eventually, stumbled upon the works of Don Miguel Ruiz. What followed would have Morris retreading old paths around the globe as he followed Castaneda's Warrior's Way and discovered himself. A riveting read, The Dreaming Circus is a thoroughly American story and a touching account of one man's spiritual odyssey.