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Missing Witches: Recovering True Histories of Feminist Magic

by Risa Dickens Author and Amy Torok Author

We all know the stories of how innocent women were persecuted in centuries past for their supposed affiliations with witchcraft, but not all of us know the stories of the actual powerful witches who laid the groundwork for the contemporary revival of witchcraft and its current popularity. Authors Risa Dickens and Amy Torok dive into the annals of history, searching at the intersection of magic and feminism to unearth true stories of witches past. Investigating figures such as Monica Sjoo, HP Blavatsky, Maria Sabina and Enheduanna, the authors reveal the sociopolitical and cultural contexts that shaped the worlds they lived in and the magic they practiced. They also offer contemporary practitioners of witchcraft spells, rituals, and invocations derived from these towering figures in the history of feminism and witchcraft. An important read for any modern witch seeking to ground her practice in the history of magic and feminist resistance to oppression.