Absolutely Zippo Book

Absolutely Zippo Book

by Robert Eggplant Author

Robert Eggplant's zine anthology covered in a 1" thick book. Pieces by Larry Livermore, Aaron Cometbus, and many more adding their part to this essential history of East Bay punk rock! This book is great bathroom reading material combining 11 years of Robert's zine. It is rather hard to read in one sitting due to the fact that a lot of the pages are taken from the original zines and there isn't a lot of continuity among pages though it's got a got plenty of gems littered along the way to keep you reading. Essential bathroom reading material!

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Hi Nick! I'll try to get Absolutely Zippo ordered for you this week! You can click on the link on the right-hand side of this page that says "Subscribe to Robert Eggplant updates" and then you'll automatically be contacted when we get them in stock. Thanks for your interest! <3 Jessie


I've finally traced this book to here, but it's out of stock! Is it going to be restocked anytime soon??


eggplant will always be an archtype of east bay punk rock, regardless of it's a chat with him outside a music show or reading his impeccable degree of a myriad of stories and issues facing the punk lifestyle. from your ex


Ok what that guy said about it being of little interest to those not involved with or obsessed with the east bay scene of yesteryear, I found to be totally untrue. This for me is the archetypal punk rock zine. It's so inspiring. The layout, art, sloppyness, columns. Basically it's full of great ideas. Currently my favourite punk zine.


I was re-reading this the other day, having read Absolutely Zippo when they were first coming out, then when they were republishing & then when i dug this edition out of my stored books box, & i have some new thoughts. Absolutely Zippo will probably be of little interest to people who aren't obsessed with or weren't involved with the mid-period east-bay Punk scene. But for those of us who are or were, there are funny appearances by people who went on to become semi-mythological, & pretty hilarious columns by Lawrence Livermore which are always a bit irritating as well, given his Lookout records & their relationship to the scene & all that. It is also interesting to see how the zine develops (or doesn't) over time.