an illustration of a flying car with a cartoonish character leaning over the side

Lowriders to the Rescue

by Cathy Camper Author and Raul Gonzalez III Illustrator

In this adorable graphic novel from author Cathy Camper, dive into the world of the Lowriders, a group of anthropomorphic, multilingual, and multicultural animals out to save the world. Lowriders to the Rescue tells the story of Sokar, a monarch butterfly with a broken wing who comes to town to tell the Lowriders about a wildfire burning fast and hot nearby and threatening the migration path of the other monarchs. Can the Lowriders get there in time to stop the fire and save the day? This gorgeous little graphic novel is appropriate for children ages 8 and up, and introduces young readers to a whole host of cultural, political, and sustainability concerns. A powerful book.