two dark red plums in a mesh sack, suggestively, with a bite taken out of one


by Gretchen Felker-Martin Author

In this gruesome post-apocalyptic novel, Fran and Beth spend their days traveling New England's coastlines, hunting - and being hunted by - feral men for the estrogen in their organs in an attempt to ensure that they will avoid the same fate. Robbie is always on the run, gun in hand, and lives by the motto 'other people aren't safe.' After a horrible accident brings all three of them together, they must navigate this terrible new world together, dodging murderous TERFs, dealing with a sociopathic billionaire in a doomsday bunker, and confronting their own awkward relationship dynamics. A powerful rejoinder to gender-based post-apocalyptica (*coughcoughThe Handmaid's Talecoughcough*) that fails to consider the existence of trans and nonbinary folk.