a geometric pattern in blue and black and orange on the cover

Fountain Tarot Journal: A Year in 52 Readings

by Jason Gruhl Author, Jonathan Saiz Illustrator and Andi Todaro Author

An accompaniment to the Fountain Tarot deck, this guided journal offers the reader a space for reflection and introspection and a way to turn their favorite tarot deck into a year-long record of their personal journey through tarot. Adaptable for use with any tarot deck, this journal first offers instructions on how to read tarot, including 3, 5, and 10 card spreads, before encouraging the reader to document these spreads and their interpretations of their meanings in the journal. Through this practice of journaling each week and performing repeated readings, it will become easier to identify long-term themes and patterns as they emerge, and help you set goals and intentions for yourself over time. Furthermore, this journal can operate as a way to keep yourself accountable to those goals, as you sit down to write in it each week. Whether you're hoping to deepen your understanding of tarot, incorporate its wisdom into aspects of your day to day life, or simply document each week of your year as it passes, The Fountain Tarot Journal is the right tool for the job.