an illustration of a deer skull with flowers entwined around the antlers and a death's head moth above

The Untamed Witch: Reclaim Your Instincts. Rewild Your Craft. Create Your Most Powerful Magick.

by Lidia Pradas Author

For witches ready to take their next step into the world of magick, The Untamed Witch, from author and noted Wiccan Lidia Pradas, offers the reader the tools to take their magick to the next level. By personalizing your magical practice and listening to your instincts, you can curate your witchcraft and better align it with your own preferences and your immediate environment. If lavender doesn't grow in your neck of the woods, or you simply don't like it, why use it in your rituals? Take your witchcraft out of the domestic sphere and back to the land, with spells and practices designed to root your magick in the earth and amplify its power.