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Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System

by M. Chris Fabricant Author

In this timely book from Innocence Project attorney M. Chris Fabricant, the reader gets an insider's view of America's deeply broken and deeply racist criminal justice system and the junk science it deploys in court rooms that spuriously sends so many people to jail. Though American television audiences (and therefore juries) have been taught to believe that forensics is an infallible science, many of the practices that make up the field of forensic science are deeply flawed, and have resulted in the incarceration and even execution of innocent people. The Innocence Project has fought to overturn these wrongful convictions, from New York to Mississippi, Texas and beyond, and in this revealing book, Fabricant shows the reader just how common it is for innocent people to get caught up in the gears of this broken system. A vital read for anyone looking to open their eyes to the injustices all around us.