a hyena biting off the 'i' in the title and holding it in its mouth

Bitch: On the Female of the Species

by Lucy Cooke Author

Author Lucy Cooke has always loved animals, but studying them made her feel like a loser. Since Darwin, biologists have thought that the male of any given species is usually the interesting one, the colorful one, the promiscuous one. The female is often overlooked, dully colored, smaller, or passive. In this book, Cooke sets out to correct the record and draw our attention to the many cases in which the female is actually the more interesting specimen. From lesbian albatross couples raising chicks to adulthood, to violent meerkat moms, to the unending gender warfare amongst ducks, Cooke turns a fresh eye to the animal world and comes up with an insightful and interesting new approach to zoology. A powerful reimagining of a major field of scientific inquiry. 

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)