an illustration of various people in various low buildings, a library with a closed gate in front of it, a protest holding a big sign that says 'solidarity', and apartment buildings in the background

Class: A Graphic Guide

by Laura Harvey Author, Sarah Leaney Author and Danny Noble Author

From the publishers of the bestselling Queer: A Graphic History and The Middle Ages: A Graphic History, this new volume dives into the complex and multifaceted subject of class. Taking a look at the history, sociology, and lived experience of class over the centuries, authors Laura Harvey, Sarah Leaney, and Danny Noble explore the intersection of class with gentrification, labor, education, and much more. Ultimately, the authors work to challenge assumptions that are made all too often about working class folks, and to reveal the connections between class and age, disability, race, sexuality, and gender. An excellent introduction for students, activists, organizers, or anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how our class structures came to be, and what it will take to change them.