a photo of hot air balloons against a scenic landscape, with a cartoon airplane flying across the middle leaving a striped line behind it

Bring Me! The Travel-Lover’s Guide to the World’s Most Unlikely Destinations, Remarkable Experiences, and Spectacular Sights - Buzzfeed

by BuzzFeed Author, Louise Khong Author and Ayla Smith Author

In this bizarre and thrilling book, discover all the strange places and unlikely experiences awaiting you around the world. The authors of this book have done the traveling for you and pieced together a list of the most unusual and can't miss destinations. Whether you're driving go-karts through the streets of Tokyo, kayaking across a glow-in-the-dark bay in Puerto Rico, or riding above the forest canopy on a pedal-powered zip line in the Philippines, Bring Me! is an indispensable guide to the world's most exciting travel destinations. Don't forget it when you pack for your next trip!