Cover has photos of the four subtitular bands.

They Just Seem a Little Weird: How KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Starz Remade Rock and Roll

by Doug Brod Author

In the dark ages of the mid-70s, when rock music was ruled by boring, over-serious dinosaurs, four flamboyant bands burst onto the scene with their revved-up anthems and blatant theatricality. These bands were so weird that they made the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin look like the Spice Girls. In his new book, They Just Seem a Little Weird,  author and entertainment journalist Doug Brod tells the story of these four bands: KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Starz. Brod chronicles their rise to fame, their fall from grace, and their eventual comebacks, as well as exploring how these bands influenced two seemingly opposed rock genres: hair metal and grunge.

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