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Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids: Escape Dangerous Animals, Survive an Avalanche, Find Water, Navigation Skills, First Aid, Survive a Plane Crash, Get Yourself Rescued

by Rob Colson Author

Survival skills are crucial for getting out of tight spots, but you don't want to find yourself stuck in that tight spot without any preparation! That's where this book comes in. Kids as young as 10 can learn valuable skills from this book and prepare themselves for whatever danger is coming their way. Focusing on dangerous animals, natural hazards, and the risks and perils of the human world, author Rob Colson gives kids the information they need to feel in control of their lives. Whether escaping floods or burning buildings, fending off a bear or an out-of-control crowd, Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids will empower your kids to take care of themselves (and of you!) should the worst happen.