a buddha sitting cross legged in front of an elaborate psychedelic mandala

Psychedelic Buddhism: A User’s Guide to Traditions, Symbols, and Ceremonies

by Lama Mike Crowley Author and Ben Sessa Foreword

In Psychedelic Buddhism, author Lama Mike Crowley offers a comprehensive guide to integrating psychedelics into Buddhist practice. Witness an overview of Buddhism, including its key beliefs, the life of the Buddha, and the various paths of practice. Then delve into the use of psychedelics in Buddhism, exploring how they can be used to enhance meditation, generate positive attitudes, and gain insights into the nature of reality. See the discussion of “Indra’s net” and universal voidness, otherwise reachable only to advanced meditators, and read about the benefits of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, and highlights the use of psychedelics encoded in Vedic and Buddhist scriptures. Crowley also draws on his own experiences with psychedelics to offer advice on how to use them safely and effectively.