Political Trashing Sleazy for Senator by Victor Santoro

Political Trashing: Sleazy For Senator

by Victor Santoro

Another great book from the Loompanics Unlimited, this Do-It-Yourself campaign trashing guide provides the know-how and dirty tricks that the little guy needs to make a difference.  A direct action manual for your average Joe, as well as for the big and influential citizen, this book provides readers with a repertoire of easily adaptable harassment techniques aimed at politicians.  The original volume of this sort, simply titled Techniques of Harassment, was first published in 1979, and since then has inspired a host of imitators.  Hopefully this one, striking out in a new direction, will be as useful and relevant today as that first one was when originally published.  If you're feeling powerless and desperate in today's terrifying political arena, find out what you can do to make a real difference and keep our country from falling completely apart with this short and useful book!