Pink background with photographs with the look of print cutouts of, what one might assume, are queer people. Title text in white at head. At the foot is a photograph of Big Ben.

Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities, Big & Small

by Harish Bhandari Author, David Dodge Author, Nick Shiarizzi Author and Bráulio Amado Illustrator

A play on words of the classic Lonely Planet Series, Sassy Planet takes a look into forty cities and travel destinations where queer folks have found community and safety. This is an inquiry into traveling as queer, featuring locations that are historically queer as well as some newer, up-and-coming gems. From the hundreds of queer bars in Tokyo to the festive parties of CDMX, this book features world-known and local celebrities sharing about their experiences in their cities and their queer lore.