a red circle above and a blue circle with the same illustration of a man in each, but inverted as though mirrored, with pieces of paper fluttering around

As a Cartoonist

by Noah Van Sciver Author

In this collection of comic strips, artist and cartoonist Noah Van Sciver blends memoir and fiction, and offers the reader a reflection on the power of visual storytelling and creativity. Jumping from imaginings about what it might have been like to be a cartoonist in the 1800s, to memories of his father and childhood, Van Sciver is simultaneously funny and sincere. As A Cartoonist doesn't shy away from big questions about how we measure the meaningfulness of life, but never takes itself too seriously. Evocative of Art Spiegelman, Harvey Pekar, and Lynda Barry, any fan of graphic novels, comics, or cartoons will get a kick out of this book exploring the power of the medium.