Photo of a highway system. Title is on an orange map on top of cover.

Freewaytopia: How Freeways Shaped Los Angeles

by Paul Haddad Author and Patt Morrison Author

In this exploration of the web of freeways whose very form perfectly exemplifies the so-called City of Angels, this book gives voices to the people of Los Angeles whose lives became inextricably connected to the city's freeways - for better or for worse. Including tales from just some of the hundreds of thousands of minorities the construction of the freeways displaced, select elected officials who benefited immensely economically, the engineers who advanced further than they would have normally, and the civic employees whose collective vision created these famous roads, this thought-provoking history of the 527 miles of roadways that comprise the LA freeway system is a tribute to the city, the times, and the people that lived in both.

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