Cover is a painting of a lady in sunhat and a black dress stopping to smell the roses.

The Artist's Garden: The Secret Spaces That Inspired Great Art

by Jackie Bennett Author

Just picture your favorite artist, smeared in paint and fingers cramping as they emerge from their studio into the bright daylight. They blink as their eyes adjust to the sun, and maybe they put their paint-stained hands up their eyes or perhaps pull on a sunhat. With their other hand, they carry an easel, ready to capture the grandeur of the garden that surrounds them. The Artist’s Garden highlights 20 such gardens around the world. These sanctuaries of nature inspired some of history's greatest painters, from Cezanne in the south of France to Childe Hassam at Celia Thaxter’s garden off the coast off Maine. Many of these gardens can still be visited today, so get yourself into one of these secret spaces and find your own inspiration.

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