an illustration of a dragon sigil and a circle with a many sided star inside and various runes

Witches, Druids, and Sin Eaters: The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches

by Jon G. Hughes Author with Sophie Gallagher

In this documentarian approach to the history of Welsh witchcraft, authors and witchcraft researchers Jon G. Hughes and Sophie Gallagher describe ancient beliefs, rituals, and rites practiced by the people who lived in the borderlands between Celtic Wales and Anglo-Saxon England. Long a region associated with Druidry and magic, Hughes and Gallagher describe the beliefs that animated the lives of those who made it their home. From sin eaters, who remove the sin from recently deceased people, to eye biters, who hold the power to curse someone with a simple look, to spirit hunters, who gain control of a victim's spirit through witchcraft, this volume is a comprehensive examination of the beliefs and practices of the people of the Welsh Marches. Those hoping to deepen their understanding of witchcraft's history and discover new spells for themselves will find this volume indispensable.