Block color image of a room with a white rabbit, a tree, a partial staircase, a window, and a cloud floating through a black hole.

Conscious Dreamer: Connect With the Power of Your Dreams & Live Your Best Life

by Tree Carr Author

The average person spends six years of their life dreaming, and all too often we end up wondering what all of this dreaming means. The Conscious Dreamer is part workbook, part dream interpretation guide, and is designed to help you learn how to set a goal or intention at the beginning of a 30-day journey and see it achieved as you learn to create and interpret a body of dream work. With space to reflect and draw in addition to over 120 fun and simple activities, you can learn how to improve your sleep routine, decode your dreams, and even return to that really good dream that you woke up from too soon! By harnessing the powers and meanings behind your dreams, you'll learn how you can live your best life - in both your dreams and in the waking world!

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