Dark green cover with gold text and borders and a golden illustration of the Magician tarot card inside of a spell circle.

Book of Tarot: A Spiritual Key to Understanding the Cards (The Mystic Arts Handbooks)

by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer Author

From how to take care of your tarot cards to how to unlock your inner intuition while reading, there is much to wonder about when you start the art of tarot reading, and this insightful guide can help you reveal the secrets of the tarot and help you learn how to read your tarot in detail. With information on both the history of tarot, the different types of card decks available, the different spreads, and methods of interpretation, The Book of Tarot is aimed to help you develop your skill in reading the cards. Designed to be the perfect primer for any new tarot diviners, this informative and mystical book is sure to be an essential reference tool for anyone looking to expand their readings.