Zounds Demystified: Lyrics and Notes by Steve Lake

Zounds Demystified: Lyrics and Notes

by Steve Lake Author

Part autobiography, part band history, and part insider story of the 1980's UK anarcho punk scene. Zounds was formed around the nucleus of Steve Lake and evolved from a number of jamming sessions with other musicians and friends in Oxford, taking in influences from the Velvet Underground to the Sex Pistols. They met up with fellow anarchists Crass when, legend has it, their van broke down on the road. The two bands became friends, and although musically very divergent, they shared many common political views. The release of their first EP and association with Crass led to an increase in the band's profile in the burgeoning anarcho-punk scene. In this book, Lake collects all the band's lyrics and illuminates each with a relevant commentary. It contains personal reminisces about how the band and their peers lived, it delves into the background of the lyrics and looks at the wider social context in which the band operated. (Short Discount)