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Hoodoo for Everyone : Modern Approaches to Magic, Conjure, Rootwork, and Liberation

by Sherry Shone Author

You might recognize That Hoodoo Lady from Instagram where Sherry Shone shares her life as a Hoodoo practitioner. In Hoodoo for Everyone, Shone takes a deep dive into the history, practices, rituals, and ethics of Hoodoo, the spiritual tradition developed by enslaved Africans in the American South. Above all, writes Shone, “before there were honey jars, red brick dust, and everything else you may associate with Hoodoo, there was the need to be free.” Shone frames Hoodoo as an inclusive magic for those who seek liberation and healing. Written with three guiding tenets: intention, faith, and direction, Hoodoo for Everyone dives into herbs, plants, spells, ancestor work, gender, religion, cultural appropriation, and more.