Tan cover with images of Native art of different animals. Text is red, orange, and green.

Animal Medicine: A Curanderismo Guide to Shapeshifting, Journeying, and Connecting with Animal Allies

by Erika Buenaflor Author

Learn how to strengthen your connection with spirit animal guides! Animal Medicine details the trance journeying techniques of the Mesoamerican shamanic traditions as well as their shapeshifting practices. By examining how indigenous people used animals in ceremonial healing and divination rites, you can learn why certain animals are associated with and help provide access to the "nonordinary" realms where deities, ancestors, and supernatural beings reside. In addition to an alphabetical guide to 76 animals found in these practices, this book also shows you multiple ways to connect with these animals for spiritual guidance, self-empowerment, and healing to help enrich your life.