An illustration of a tree stump with a candle and rose set on top of it. The stump is on a small grassy hill against a moonlit sky.

Death Rights and Rites: A Practical Guide to a Meaningful Death

by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart Author and Judith Karen Fenley Author

Learn how to reclaim the right to a sacred and sustainable death - all while dealing with the practicalities of legality, money, and grieving loved ones. Exploring the spiritual and legal aspects of alternative death-ways, home funerals, and green burial, Death Rights and Rites presents practical information and questions for approaching death and dying with a sense of sacred meaning. You will discover ideas for navigating the spiritual and legal issues related to home-based dying, home funerals, and alternative burial methods. With examples and personal stories, this book will provide the support you need as you explore the ways you and your loved ones can transition into the final journey of death while remaining both environmentally and spiritually conscious.

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