image of Ray Capo singing into a microphone with a gradient overlay

From Punk to Monk: The Spiritual Journey of Ray Cappo

by Ray Cappo Author and Moby Foreword

This memoir dives into the life of hardcore punk musician Ray Raghunath Cappo and his journey into becoming a monk and trailblazer of the straight-edge movement with heart, verve, and humor. During the 80’s in Lower East Side NYC, Cappo’s bank Youth of Today would pack venues and reach thousands on thousands around the world, but this success wouldn’t bring fulfillment to the artist. Following a family loss, he would buy a one-way ticket to India, to dive deeper into the grief and lack of meaning he was experiencing. He finds himself in the sacred city Vrindavan and across India, his story and devotion unfold, he presents the reader with memorable characters and events lead to enlightenment, blissful and ego-crushing simultaneously.