The Practical Witch's Almanac 2025: Rebel Wisdom

The Practical Witch's Almanac 2025: Rebel Wisdom

by Friday Gladheart Author

Learn, defy, and evolve on your pagan path

The essential core of witchcraft is wisdom and change. We've always been rebellious  and defiant, and our own traditions are not exempt from challenge.  Delve into iconic witchcraft traditions like the utterance of "blessed be" and the  influential Wiccan Rede, exploring their origins and relevance today. This introspective  journey isn't just about history; it's an empowering quest. It challenges you to assess these  traditions' place in your craft. Embrace, adapt, or boldly defy these customs—this edition  empowers you to shape your craft's evolution on your terms as you travel your unique spiritual path.


  • Weekly Schedules
  • Monthly Lunar Planners
  • Moon Signs & Phases
  • Sabbat Times & Dates
  • Eclipses & Meteor Showers
  • Spells & Recipes
  • Correspondences & References
  • and much more!