Black cover with purple text and drawings of the phases of the moon at the top of the cover with a cat in one full moon and a tree in another, and various flowers and crystals at the bottom of the cover

The Witch of the Forest's Guide to Natural Magick: Discover Your Magick. Connect With Your Inner & Outer World

by Linday Squire Author and Viki Lester Illustrator

No matter your skill level with natural magick, this installment of "The Witch of the Forest's Guide to..." series is here to help you discover your inner witch! Natural Magick is designed to bring you up to speed and teach you everything you need to know. From foraging for herbs and plants for spells, to using sun and moonlight in your magick, author Lindsay Squire has all the tips and tricks to help you bring your spellcasting, divination, and other witchy skills up to the next level. By making natural magick a part of your routine, you can make magick an essential part of the way you take care of yourself as well. There's few things more magickal than self-care, after all!