Dark purple cover with yellow text and several colorful depictions of astrology symbols, planets, and flowers.

Witch of the Forest's Guide to Astrology Magick: Love Yourself Using Magick, Align with the Wisdom of the Stars

by Linsay Squire Author and Viki Lester Illustrator

In this third installment of "The Witch of the Forest's Guide to...", Astrology Magick is here to show you about the powerful tool of astrology. By understanding your star sign and aligning your actions with the patterns of the cosmos, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and those around you. Whether you're new to witchcraft or astrology or simply want a new witchy perspective, you can discover how to use simple witchcraft in tangent with astrology to boost your well-being, find love and acceptance, and harness the power of the stars in your life and craft.