hobo fires by Robert Earl Sutter III

Hobo Fires

by Robert Wildwood Author

"In social evolution, a selfish individual will triumph over an altruistic one...but an altruistic group will triumph over a group of selfish individuals." explains an oogle to our heroes on a speeding freight train. In the year 2137, after a series of climate catastrophes, the post-apocalyptic landscape is populated by a cluster of androgynous hobos who eek out their own forms of survival, riding trains to underground music festivals, helping each other out with their various emotional damages at the hands of capitalism, and building campfires in the sewers where drugs and alcohol are traded. A young hobo named Estrella meets Raukkus and the new friendship reveals that having a tracking chip implanted in your head makes it pretty hard to hide from the bulls. Robert's characters talk openly about their past pains, feelings, and yearning for queer relationships. Eventually they travel through queer sanctuaries, start a keytar rock and roll band that agitates for progressive social change, discover a vile mind control program, and build a more just world beneath this one, despite incredible hardship and difficulty. Like most of Sutter's work, it's an exploration of NSA security, how our environment has impacted our love lives, and living in the fringes of society. Will the revolution end when Alexander Valto accepts a high-paid job as a cake decorator?