Stick It by T.L. Bonaddio and Andrew Tomlinson duct tape projects book cover

Stick It!: 99 D.I.Y. Duct Tape Projects

by T.L. Bonaddio Author and Andrew Tomlinson Author

Need a new wallet? Make one. Out of whatever color you want. How about a new bag, skirt, or just some cheap and quick decorations to change the way your world looks a little bit and give you a sense of accomplishment? Hey, go for it. You can also fix anything with duct tape—the hem of your skirt, a cracked bucket, whatever. It's super handy and flexible stuff, and now that you can get duct tape in a gazillion colors and even patterns rather than just gunmetal grey, duct tape projects can actually get pretty creative and cool-looking. This is a good book for a rainy day especially if you've got kids or bored adults to entertain.