Green background with the title in a font reminiscent of the text in the absinthe robette advert,  below mirror figures of the same advert holding up glasses of absinthe, above small ghosts mirrored around an absinthe dispenser

Absinthe: The Forbidden Spirit

by Tania Brasseur Author, Tamara Berger Photographer and Michelle Bailat-Jones Translator

Absinthe was the drink of artists and Bohemians in 19th century, the libation of risk-takers and artisans alike. This a start of the documentation of the history of absinthe — the journey of journalist Tania Brasseur and photographer Tamara Berger through the “valley of absinthe” in Switzerland and France. Throughout this valley, they meet with people who still make the drink to this day and have pushed for the absinthe renaissance, featuring over 100 of Berger’s photographs. Through its present, they’ll explore the past of how absinthe’s wild success led to it’s prohibition and subsequent re-legalization in the more recent past.