Skeuomorphic background of a table, around which are branches with sticks, a bundle of sticks and an ocarina.

Living Wands of the Druids: Harvesting, Crafting, and Casting with Magical Tools

by Jon G. Hughs Author

Throughout history, the wand has been considered to be the conduit with which practitioners of magic channel their intention into manifestation. What consists of a wand varies — from a scepters and staffs to knurled sticks.

Druid Jon G. Hughes will guide you through many histories of the magical instrument. He’ll also explore aspects of the craft such as wood lore, explaining the historical magical associations with different trees and botanicals, along with the ritual that accompanies its harvest. He’ll explain how to make a wand and how to use it in everyday ritual. Hughs also explains how to return a wand to the earth when the time is right.