Black and white photo of Marr holding a Gibson hollow body electric guitar in a case, while smoking a cigarette, wearing a white and black polka dotted shirt.

Marr's Guitars

by Johnny Marr Author and Pat Graham Photographer

Every axe has its story. Even those that don't know the artist and author in question, they may well have heard of the band of the Smiths, one of the most influential British bands of recent history. This book is perfect for any guitar enthusiast, for they well know that every guitar that isn't new (and some that are) has a tale of it's owner or how it came to be in the closet or current player's hands.

This book goes through the collection of The Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr -- photographed by Pat Graham with some detailed macro shots to emphasize the unique details of where Marr's pick might have have continually scraped the guard on "Bigmouth Strikes Again", Marr's own commentary on what guitars were used for what songs, specifically. A good deal of Marr's guitars have been previously owned by renown musicians, this book being a true book full of stories of those musical objects full of personal histories.

This description was written while the digital radio coincidentally started playing This Charming Man in the background. The Smith's are hold attention with boomers to zoomers, and the generations in between. Likewise, the electric guitar is still innovating, making this book apt for different groups of people, of all ages, musical interests and abilities.